EEE3074W: Embedded Systems
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EEE3074W  is coordinated and lectured by Amir Patel

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Registered students have access to resources stored on, see "EEE3074W On Vula" for detail.

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Define Embedded System An embedded system is a single-purpose computer built into a larger system for the purposes of controlling and monitoring the system.
Introduction to EEE3074W
This page introduces EEE3074W, giving an impression of what the course involves, and motivation for why you (as an engineering or computer scientist) may find this course a beneficial learning experience.
Past Projects Archive PPA Make use of peripheral drivers and signal processing routines from previous projects. Cite in your code and report any code you may have reused from here.
EEE3074W Details
Details of what each lecture involves, what is done in each laboratory practical, and what you will do in the project. The interrelationship of the lectures, pracs and project is explained.
EEE3074W Online Description of what you will find on the connect site (i.e. the course material, lecture notes, sample tests, booking sheets, etc) and what you will find on our Linux server.
EEE3074W Hardware Hardware used in the course, including PC requirements if you want to do practical work at home.
EEE3074W Software Software used in the course.
EEE3074W Project
All about the embedded subsystem prototyping project, which runs almost the entire length of the course.
EEE3074W Concepts
Concept posters and slides developed by students in EEE3074W 2005.
Recommended Books See the recommended embedded systems books. The prescribed textbook is the first in the list; you by no means need the others for this course.
CSB337 recovery
Steps to check and fix common problems with the CSB337 boards
Definition of technical terms used on this website.

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