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Objective of this Course

The objective of this course is to develop an understanding of the concepts involved in the design and development of high performance and special-purpose digital computing systems, in terms of both hardware and software design. The course builds on a basic understanding of parallel computing principles, expanding the students' expertise into the specialized fields of reconfigurable computing, heterogeneous computing and high performance parallel computing. The coursework involves laboratory assignments and two mini projects. A number of compulsory tests are held, for which advanced notice and a syllabus is provided. The lecture sessions include presentations by lecturers, seminars and workshops during which students learn fundamental theories, brainstorm ideas, and discuss influential and recent publications in the field.

Note: Students in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) programme are all required to take this course, and these students must satisfy the DP requirements for this course in order to complete Exit Level Outcomes (ELO) 1 and 2 for their degree programme (students will only be granted the degree once having completed all ten ECSA ELOs).

Course Information

Course Outline Download Course Handout
SAQA Credits 20 Credits
Prerequisites CSC4015Z, EEE3064W or EEE3017W (>70%)
Lecture Times and Venues Tue 9am - 10am: Snape TS3B
Tue 3pm - 4pm: Snape TS3A
Thur 2pm - 4pm: EM303/Blue Lab (Lecture/Prac/Activity)
Prac Times and Venues Mon 9am - 11am: Blue Lab
Thur 3pm - 5pm: Blue Lab (for those who can't make Monday)
DP Requirement Overall class average of 40%
Successful completion of ELO1 and ELO2
Final Mark Weighting 05% Tutorials
05% Lab Practicals
20% Project
20% Tests
10% Other (Homework)
40% Final Exam

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