Shi-Huan Chen


B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Honours), University of Cape Town.






I matriculated from St. John’s College, Johannesburg, in 2004. I graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2008, obtaining an Honours Degree in B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. I am currently working on my M.Sc. research project, dealing with a network of PCL (Passive Coherent Location) radars, and am affiliated with the Radar and Remote Sensing Group (RRSG) at the University of Cape Town.


Undergraduate Work


My undergraduate final year research project at UCT was involved in the Implementation of a Frequency Shift Correction Algorithm for PCL Radars. I was supervised by Dr. Y. Paichard and Prof. M. Inggs.


Postgraduate Work


Continuing with the RRSG and supervised by Dr. Y. Paichard, my Masters work will be focused on configuring multiple PCL system into a network structure.


PCL radar systems encompass a class of radar systems used to detect and track objects by processing signals from non-cooperative sources of illumination. The main advantages of these systems are that they are undetectable and provide wide coverage areas at low costs. The RRSG at the University of Cape Town developing a PCL demonstration system using FM and TV transmitters located around the Cape Town International Airport. The novelty of this system is to use several transmitters and several receivers in a multistatic or MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) configuration. This provides several advantages such as better coverage by increasing SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio); angular diversity gain on the target’s Radar Cross Section (angular fading compensation); better robustness of the tracking algorithms etc.


Passive and active MIMO radars are thus organized in a complex structure of cooperative nodes, performing radar measurements and data transfers over long distances. Finding an optimal network structure in terms of topology, data link management and radar/radio resource management is currently an open research field.


The objectives of M.Sc. project are to:

-     Study different network topologies and analyze their performance

-     Find appropriate technology to implement the data links with an acceptable bandwidth at low cost

-     Setup a data communication link between several nodes of a PCL network

-     Demonstrate the ability to control several synchronized receivers remotely at distances of several kilometers


Contact Details


Office: Laboratory 3, 7th floor Menzies Building

            Upper Campus, University of Cape Town

            Cape Town

            South Africa


Tel. (Office): 021-653756

Cell: 083 627 7077