Georgie George




My parents immigrated from India to Nigeria where I was born on the 19 of June 1982. I lived there for 6 years after which we moved to Lesotho. After a few months we moved to Umtata, in the Eastern Cape, where we have lived till this day. I moved to Cape Town to study at UCT in 2000.....and fortunately I have not yet left. Cape Town is now home and I am trying not to leave. I am currently the Deputy warden of Kopano Residence as well as an MSc student with the RRSG group.

Undergraduate work

My undergraduate thesis, under Professor Downing, was to "Develop a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) antenna for satellite systems". The project centered around developing PCB antennae working at 1.8 GHz utilizing rudimentary materials i.e. plastics, copper plates etc. This purpose of this was to construct low cost, high gain antennas. This was relatively a success, however the reduction in cost resulted in an increase in size. Construction of the antennas on regular PCB material, FR4, resulted in a considerably smaller antenna. These antennas only had a maximum bandwidth of 2 %. The material used was not suitable at high frequencies as the transmitted signal is severely attenuated.

Post Graduate work

I have subsequently changed topics since last year June. I am now working on Intergrating, Implementing and Testing the X band Synthetic Aperture Radar II, or SASAR II. I am currently following on from the work completed by Darren Coetzer, Ajmal Mohungoo and Justin Webster. The aim of this project is to assimilate all sub-systems completed by the individuals and to construct a working prototype.

I have currently successfully intergrated all subsystems completed, as well as constructed and tested a power supply unit for the Radar Frequency Unit. A Radar Controller Unit using the ARM 97 cogent board has been designed and constructed. It will be implemented into the system shortly.

I will add more details regarding the project in the next few weeks.

Contact Details

Office number:     6.23 Menzies

Phone number:    650 4639 (Office)  650 4690 (Home)

Cell Number:        072 345 2662

Email address: or

Home address:     Flat 4, Kopano Residence, UCT