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I am currently a masters student at the University of Cape Town on a studentship program through the Center for High Performance Computing ( Our research group looks into future methods of improving computer performance. Things that interest me are: hardware and low level software development (no user or web applications please), networking, promoting open source software, ancient civilisations, plenty of sport and outdoor activities.

Undergraduate Thesis:

My undergraduate thesis project was a hardware abstraction layer for the NIOS 2 softcore processor supervised by Mr Samuel Ginsberg. The final result was to run the embedded operating system uClinux as a hardware abstraction layer and prove that it works by writing some simple drivers. The NIOS 2 processor proved to be a very use-able, adaptable and supported piece of technology.

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Masters Thesis:

The topic of my current research is to develop an eco-system for the HTX co-processor card designed by fellow student Mike Aitken. This should implement firmware for all of the hardware interfaces on the card including: HyperTransport, 10GbE and QDR2+. Then create a API that would allow programmers to write code to attach to this firmware in a programmer friendly fashion. The project is still very much in the early stages but development is moving forward with regard to the HyperTransport and QDR2+ Hardware Definition Language cores.

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