Multicomputer Technology Initiative

The Parallel Cluster, Gollach

In order to provide a testbed for MTI activities, the RRSG has bought a parallel cluster. The cluster has been named Gollach, after this old Scottish Poem:

The Horny Gollach
The horny gollach's an awesome beast,
Souple an' scaley;
He has twa horns an' a hantle o' feet
An' a forky tailie.


The cluster consists of 8 Pentium II machines, networked with a 100Mbps EtherNet via a CISCO CS2912 12-port switch with 3.2 Gbps backplane. The machines are all dual-bootable with Winows NT4.0 and Redhat Linux 6.0. The Linux kernel has been upgraded to version 2.2.14 and runs MOSIX.
The cluster is currently running Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM), version 3.4.0,  XPVM, version 1.2.5 and MPICH (an open source version of MPI - Message Passing Interface).

System specification:

Photos of Gollach:

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