The South African VHF Synthetic Aperture Radar System


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Background and System Description

SASAR is the South African Synthetic Aperture Radar which operates in the VHF frequency band. This medium resolution (12 MHz bandwidth), airborne system originated at the University of Cape Town Radar Remote Sensing Group (RRSG) where all signal processing for the system is performed. CSIR - Defencetek is responsible for the system integration and manages the project. Funding for the project has been provided by Armscor.

Although originally designed to be installed on a Boeing 707 aircraft, the experimental radar is currently installed in a South African Airforce DC3 (Dakota) aircraft.

Several photos are available of the system:

The VHF frequency of operation has certain unique characteristics which differ from higher frequency SAR systems: Operation in the VHF frequency band presents some specific problems:

System Upgrades and Activities

Two important recent upgrades have been made to the system, improving the image quality: Other work planned:


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