Software Defined Radio/RADAR project

Software Defined Radio/RADAR project

The term Software Defined Radio refers to the group of technologies that allow the modulation and processing of RF signals to be carried out in software. The signals themselves are typically received and/or transmitted by a highly configurable hardware unit, resulting in multi-function, multi-band devices.

The RRSG Software Defined Radio project (SDR) is a hardware project designed to work with the GNU Radio software, an open-source SDR toolkit. The hardware itself is based on the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP), also developed by the GNU software radio team.

SDR project in a nutshell

The SDR project consists of two circuit boards which interconnect to form the complete system. The first board is the ADC module, which houses a relatively high-speed ADC that captures incoming data. The second board is the USB module which receives packaged data from the ADC module and sends it to a host PC via USB 2.0

The host PC runs the GNU software and carries out the requisite signal processing for the particular application.

The project was designed with system extensions in mind, and has a modular architecture. A transmitting module can be developed in the future which will transmit signals defined on the host PC.