A Ground Penetrating Radar for Landmine Detection
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WB00882_.gif (970 bytes)Welcometo theHome Page of the Ground Penetrating Radar Group at the Unversity of Cape Town. This page provides information on the development of low cost, high performance SFCW  Ground Penetration Radars. Our primary application is Landmine detection, however we are actively involved in developing generic radar systems for for any application which requires non-invasive probing into the sub-surface. 
Meet the Radar Team
Prof M.R. Inggs - Director of RRSG
Alan Langman - Team Leader/System Design
Gordon Farquharson - System Design/RF Implementation
Alex Rossi - Digital Implementation
Allen Wallis - Software Implementation

WB00882_.gif (970 bytes)Whats News, 8 July 1999

We have been taking some more measurements. Take a look at our MercuryB results page. Just
click on this link.

WB00882_.gif (970 bytes)Whats News, 15 June 1999

MercuryB is alive! We have just completed our first run of test measurements. We covered a few sites around the University, including the passage outide our labs, and down in the car park. TAKE A LOOK FOR YOURSELF

WB00882_.gif (970 bytes)Whats News, December 1998

We have begun with the development of the next generation of our SFCW Ground Penetrating Radars. The proposed system will cover a bandwidth from 200MHz to 1600MHz. The design provides for improved dynamic range and measurement speed (w.r.t to MineRad. It will also provide mutiple radar  channels for antenna array and polarimetric measurements. We are also working on a NEW radar data capture, storage, processing and display aoftware that will provide some new and exciting enhancements to radar field measurements.

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Follow these links to learn more about SFCW GPR's
WB00882_.gif (970 bytes) Follow this link for a short discription of MineRad
WB00882_.gif (970 bytes)  For theory on Ground Penerating Radar follow this link. (Under Constructions)
WB00882_.gif (970 bytes) What  was new. See what we have been up to.
WB00882_.gif (970 bytes)  We have been involved in numerous measurement campaigns. These include:
WB00882_.gif (970 bytes) For more information of our initial system and results, have a look at this Power Point  presentation

WB00882_.gif (970 bytes) Contact Information

If you require more information about the radar contact me, Alan Langman via email 

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